what the Hell are we doing?

Posted On October 25, 2009

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Why would anyone freely give up their blissful sleep to visit a different church every week? Why not?

Our adventure into the world of church scouting began with a random thought on a random drive in a random part of Dubuque, Iowa. Stacey was riding shotgun with her mother, who may or may not be religious, when she thought out loud about how cool it would be to visit different churches in Dubuque.

Fast forward a couple months to a random restaurant. Stacey suddenly remembers her random church thought and tells Courtney all about it. Courtney is intrigued by the idea. In her high school years, during a “what does it all mean” phase, she also thought about the idea of church shopping.

“It being the Digital Age, could we have such an adventure without a blog?” Courtney asks.

And the Church Scouts blog was born. Anybody have a suggestion for how to baptize it?

We have a simple goal: to visit as many different kinds of churches as possible and blog about each one. We’re not trying to write a religious critique. Rather, we want to show what it’s like for a complete outsider. How welcoming, attractive, strange or creepy is this place? Why would someone go here?

When we visit a church, we’ll try to participate in the service, be respectful and if given the opportunity, ask questions. If the church requires dressy hats, game on.

Our experiment isn’t limited to Christian denominations. As unaffiliated scouts, we’re trying to understand why people participate in religion, whether they pray to Jesus or the Golden Calf.

Our goal is to walk away with a higher appreciation for religion, though we’re not expecting to join the choir.

And we’ll never take sleeping in on a Sunday for granted.


One Response to “what the Hell are we doing?”

  1. Erik Hogstrom

    Cool! I can’t wait to read about the various churches. I am particularly interested in reading about some of these storefront churches that you see here and there. I have always wondered what they were like inside.

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