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Posted On November 6, 2009

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Supreme Ministries in Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa. Nov. 1, 2009. Non-denominational.

Enthusiasm level (1 to 10, highest 10): 9 (applies only to the pastor)

Average age of congregation: N/A (no congregation present)

Serves donuts/coffee: no

Dressy Attire: N/A

Believes in Hell: yes

Sermon quote: “If you have depression or oppression, do you believe God can resurrect you?”

A gyro brought us to Supreme Ministries.

A couple weeks ago, we tried out a new gyro place on Central Avenue in Dubuque and passed the storefront church on our way there. We knew little about the place, other than a service began at 11 a.m. Sundays. It was posted on the window.

After a night of Halloween and pagan celebrating, Stacey and Courtney thanked the cosmos for the change in Daylight Savings Time and walked up to the church well-rested. Courtney peaked into the window and saw, between slotted blinds, that there were only four people in the church. This could be weird.

“Are we going in?” Stacey asked.

“Uh… yeah,” Courtney said.

We planted ourselves on yellow vinyl chairs in the middle, while Pastor Tammy sang into a microphone. She later told us the choir was out of town. The other people in the room were her children, and a stone-faced guy who kept going outside and walking back in.

The interior, though small, was clean and freshly painted. The floor looked waxed and spotless. Though a faint trace of cigarette smoke wafted in the air, you could tell the Pastor took great care in upkeep. She opened the church in September.

There was no altar, only three fake plants and a dry-erase board. The Pastor put down her microphone and asked her daughter to fetch us a Bible.

She held onto her Bible and a notebook tightly as she preached directly to the only two parishioners in her church about how Jesus healed a woman after she touched the hem of his cloak.

The Pastor walked, jumped and kneeled when she described how the woman pushed through a crowd to reach Jesus. We were pleasantly surprised when the Pastor related the woman’s persistence to get through the crowd with people who push their way onto crowded city buses in Chicago, Ill.

Pastor Tammy asked to end the 30-minute sermon with a hand praise. Stacey darted her eyes towards the ground. She didn’t know anything about a hand praise. Then the Pastor’s children began to clap.

In all, our first experience with a storefront church was entertaining. We can’t wait to visit another one.


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  1. erik hogstrom

    This entry made me feel a little sad, given the absence of parishioners.

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