Grand View United Methodist Church

Posted On December 19, 2009

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Dubuque, Iowa. Dec. 13, 2009. Methodist.

Enthusiasm level (1 to 10, highest 10): 9

Average age of congregation: everyone from babies to grandparents

Serves donuts/coffee: promised coffee, juice and refreshments

Dressy attire: ranged from super dressy to not-so-super dressy

Believes in Hell: yes

Sermon quote: “Christ is going to come knocking.”

Ornaments shattered into a thousand little pieces on a large screen as parishioners filled the auditorium. The shattered ornaments, thankfully, eventually became one again to symbolize a fellowship united in good cheer.

“Welcome to God’s house,” said the preacher in a white dress shirt and red tie.

This week, Stacey took her teenage sister to their first contemporary service together at Grand View United Methodist Church. We were late. Sorry.

The Power Point presentations, which included a burning fireplace next to a Christmas tree, were amazing! I seriously could not stop looking at the screen, which reminded me of high school speeches.

There was no choir in “God’s house” during this sermon. Instead, there was a whole lot of guitars and a few singers. It was unusual to see people bobbing their head during hymns. We tried super hard to not burst out laughing when we noticed an older woman dancing with the support of her cane. Awesome.

The preacher sat in a rocking chair next to a very festive Christmas scene. He preached about the importance of  being ready for the Christ to visit the parishioners in their homes by getting rid of all the distractions in life.

We left the church feeling welcomed and happy, especially when we saw a teenager in a blue M&M suit. Don’t ask us why she was in the suit. We don’t know.

The best part of the sermon happened outside as we walked towards my car. Someone had placed a DVD called “Death and the Journey into Hell.” Wow.


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